About Me

Hello friends! Wow, this is crazy.  I initially started this blog back in 2015 and life got busy. Its now 2018 and here I am again.  This time, I’m not gonna let life get in the way.

My name is Becca Pape. I am currently 26 years old and living in a small town in my hometown of Michigan.  Right now, I work at a very well known event venue.  There, our speciality is weddings but cater to any kind of event.  I’ve always worked in the hospitality/customer service industry and I have learned a looooot of things.  One of them being, I won’t be doing this forever.  It’s great and something that I think everyone should do, but just isn’t a forever job for me.

I attended Eastern Michigan University and have a Bachelors in Business Marketing.  When the right opportunity presents, I would love to go into social media marketing.  It’s something that I can do well and can incorporate all aspects that I enjoy!

I have a family that is beyond supportive in everything that I want to do. I would be no where without them!

Don’t be shy!  Talk and connect with me, please!  Connect with all my socials like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube Channel. Also, don’t forget to fill out my sign up form to be notified about when I post!